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    Definition of a Love Story: a story dealing with love. That's what I deliver. Your Love Story.

    Love happens. It isn't premeditated or contrived. Love is a natural occurrence between two people that begins as a spark, and with a little romance, ignites into something bright.

    At Love Stories, I document your wedding day in the most organic way, possible. No posing. No boasting. Just Love. ♥

Amanda & Mike | Wedding

Amanda and Mike,

From the day that I filmed you guys at the farm, I knew that your wedding day was going to be a beautiful one… and (like always) I was right in thinking this.

Your wedding presented a few firsts of me. Before your wedding, I had never: filmed a wedding and farm animals on the same day, never eaten lamb wellington, and have never seen a bridesmaid wearing a snapback and rapping on stage. Haha! So thank you for this!

My team and I had a great time documenting your day, and it was pretty awesome that I got to see you guys in Portugal at my brother’s wedding! You guys were on your honeymoon, then, so I guess I could also check seeing-clients-on-their-honeymoon off of my firsts list, too! Haha!

Enjoy this trailer!

Mucho love,


PS. Check out the very worthwhile video of Elisa Baglione (Bridesmaid/Groom’s Sister/Badass MC) performing her rap here: Elisa Baglione – Fancy

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Patrizia & Gaetano | Wedding

Patrizia & Gaetano,

Congrats on your marriage!

Your wedding was beautiful, and I would like to thank you for choosing me to have been a part of your day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a musical bridal party before (I spared all of the musical aspects of your day for the main feature!) Haha!

I hope you enjoy this snippet of your wedding day!

Mucho love,



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Andrea & David | Wedding

Andrea & David,

I would like to begin by saying that your day was immense fun. From the moment after your wedding ceremony concluded, your day was a non-stop roller coaster ride of fun, laughter, and a lot of firsts for me as a videographer! Haha! From eating bubbles, to climbing a ladder up the side of a barn, power drills in the party bus and a boom-box pit stop — there was never a dull moment!

Thank you for choosing me to document your day!:D

Enjoy your love story.

Mucho love,


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The music used in this Love Story is titled, “Away We Go” by Prince of Spain, and was licensed by themusicbed.com