Short story about us

love stories began as a speculation…


I grew up surrounded by people in the wedding industry. I’ve been watching wedding videos and seeing wedding pictures almost my entire life. I always looked at a wedding as part of a story, a story between two people in love.


Love happens. It isn’t premeditated or contrived, it’s something that begins as a spark, and ignites into something that inexorably draws two people together.


In future years to come, and I mean decades, your wedding day will be a story you tell your kids and your grandchildren. That is to what I have dedicated my work. I want your day to be portrayed as a story. Not just as a work of art, but also as a documentation. An artistic documentation, that is.


Coming from a writing and filmmaking background, I’m first and foremost a storyteller. I film all the components of your wedding day, and string them together into a visual narrative. Every moment is a memory. Every moment tells the story.


– Jean-Luc Moniz