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Ellie & Frank | Wedding

Ellie + Frank,

You two make me happy. Like, really, happy. 😀

Thank you for trusting me to capture your day onto film. You two are the sweetest people I know…sweeter than cake. I don’t really like sweets, but I do like you two, so that’s how awesome you guys are!!!
Your wedding day was beautiful, and it made for a beautiful Love Story. Keep on loving, and life will be beautiful 😀 Just like a certain newlywed couple I know… hint.



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Natalie & Brian | Destination: Cuba

Natalie and Brian…

I want to begin by saying that you two are a beautiful pair; you are both so loving, and so desperately in love that it resonates from you. I had a dorky smile on my face throughout the entire editing process of your video, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Thank you for taking me along to Cuba with you guys, I am very happy that you chose me to capture your story. And I’m even happier that I can call you guys my friends.

Nat et Brian, your Love Story.

With copious amounts of love,


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